Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Rompers, My Heat Remedy Pieces

This Summer I mostly live my life in rompers. I just plain love them....they are one comfortable summer piece to throw on and run with it - sooo easy, breezy and c...ute!....and totally fun to wear - dress up, dress down- I can do it all with them.

So. I ended up making three of them this Summer.

It is another easy Summer sewing project, only if you want to have side pockets - like I did. To me, adding side-pockets takes a bit more nerve, which I now know I don't like making them, but I do love to have them....sighhhh

Today I saw some leaves already fell, last night I felt some cool air. Yep!...Fall is coming. Still, I'm not sure I'm done with Summer yet.

1 comment:

irobott said...

really like the first one !!!!!
but I can only look sister,
wearing this suit will make me
look like a pack of sour pork ;(