Friday, July 16, 2010

Polka-dot Camera Case

I lost my camera case a few months ago, and had to go back using its original old and ugly leather case in a meantime before be able to make a new one.

Last week I got a piece of lovely heavy weight satin, which was perfect for making a cushion cover. I made it to match orange satin throw pillows. I just love these color combination - black, white and orange is beautiful together.

So, I decided to make a new camera case with remnants of these fabrics. I know it'll look cool once it's finished. Since they are satin, I thought it'd be more beautiful to quilt them.

I use white industrial felt as a cushion, and quilt two pieces of satin together before cutting a pattern.

I love to make my own compact camera case so that I can have a tiny compartment for my additional batteries - everything is in one pack making my life easier, and ready to go.

I also made a matching camera strap and threw away the old one which was so beat up - each pieces of strap' d fallen apart.

This camera is only two years old, but it looks like it' s been using for five years already because it is one of the tool that goes with me everywhere. I don't care about cellphone - forget it often, but, if I happened to leave home without camera, I always go back and get it with me.


pang said...

555 you've got many blog
and I'm trying to read them all

it's lovely case.
Do you take all of your pic with this camera? Your pics look so lively more than digital cam can do. How you can?
you use computer program to help, aren't you?

however I love them all :)

pui, ปุย said...

Noo Pang, most of the pix you see in my blogs were taken with this tiny compact camera. Occasionally, I use DSLR - just get tired of a bulky camera.

Yes, I use PS to touch up when I want to play with the colors and tone.

irobott said...

after I asked you I've got the answer immediately in india blog ka 555.

not just only color and tone but they're beautiful with your viewpoint and your heedfulness in all around things ka p' pui


you've studied in field of fashion design directly, aren't you? where you graduated from ka?

pui, ปุย said...

My major is actually graphic design and advertising - BA from Suan Dusit, then, Rachapat now, worked in advertising for 8yrs., and quit, and later went on for fashion design at Parsons School of Design here in NYC ja :)