Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bermuda Shorts for My Hubby

When I go to fabric stores most of the times I spend time in there like I spend time in the Met. - slowly look at all the fabrics, feel them and and enjoy all beautiful colors and prints, and that when new ideas pop up.

A few weeks a go when I went to my usual store just to get more linen for my shop, didn't think of getting any new pieces at all, this beautiful print mustard linen happened to catch my eyes. Right away, I knew I had to have it and it's going to make a beautiful Bermuda shorts for my hubby.

After seeing me walking around the house with new shorts more and more , he now has enough confident in me to make pants for him, and asked for some summer shorts...He's trapped, eventually.

He's expected a new summer shorts, but, never, ever expected this type of colors and pattern to be one of his outfits. It's wayyyy out of his comfort zone, which is all of those solid color summer cargo shorts.

I knew he wanted to get up and run when I showed him the fabric, which will soon becomes his summer shorts......I told him I'd let him run if he didn't like it - just let me make it first.

This week he was out side wearing this mustard print linen Bermuda shorts twice already. He came back and said that he likes it........without me putting any sharp object on his throat, of course.

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