Sunday, June 20, 2010

One Shorts A Day

I don't know how many shorts people would need to wear through out their summer time..... but I do know that it is such a good life to be able to have a new shorts every day. So, I'm making it.

After having been living in low-waist pants for most of the time, this Summer I opt for high-waist shorts....yep! waist gets higher and the hem lines get's time to raise the level of comforts a bit more higher into life.

As much as I love them, this is another piece of Sarong fabric I have. Only that this one isn't an Indonesian batik pattern.

It was given to me by Noom's aunt. It is a brand new fabric - never be worn as a Sarong before, so the color is still bright and beautiful.

I made a pattern with one 1 1/2 inches pleat at the front on each side of the legs, so they give enough room for my chubby legs to feel more comfortable.

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