Thursday, March 4, 2010

Wrist Cushion, My Funny Friends's New Task

This year my Feel Good Dolls has grown a bit longer. The only thing I've been doing is to keep feeding them dried organic lavender buds, and they keep getting longer and longer *O*

But then....I don't know.....there might be some nuclear waste hidden some where around East Village that causes my funny friends disproportion - their arms and legs' re getting shorter, but, thanks god, their bigggg smiles still the same....

So I have a new idea for them to have a new task, judging from their long bellies - I allow them to just lie down next to my keyboard making my wrists feel comfortable when I work on typing and keep smiling at me, and soothing me with lavender scent as usual - that's it - an easy task.

Picture from my shop

I have to say though, they are doing a pretty good job, and seems that they are happy with this new task, from the fact that they are also getting a free massage form us as well, give and take, of course.

So I made them available here for everybody who wants to have a little comfort and a whimsical smile while dealing with the killing-me deadlines everyday....have fun typing everybody :)

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