Monday, March 15, 2010

Tame your plastic bags

I know many of you have already been carrying your tote bags to grocery shopping, and I am one of you.

Still, there are times when I stop by grocery without my shopping bag in my hands, so I have to take store plastic bags home, and they are always pain to keep them in place at home.

They are like monsters, to me, who just can't behave themselves. They puff up and fly everywhere if I ignore them.

So I decide to share how I tame these monsters in my cabinet. It is not a new idea, many of you have already known how to do it, and these are for those who has not known how - like some of my friends and my husband.

I just fold them into small triangle shape, and....voila!!....they will never puff up an d fly around the kitchen any more. I just easily keep them in a container in my cabinet and use them as a small garbage bag sometimes.

Keep folding the triangle in the same manner to the end then tuck the tail inside the pocket.

Now that the war between me and plastic bags is over.

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