Monday, March 22, 2010

An Old Tank Ready for New Friends

Yeah....I did it again. I'm going to have gold fish again after the terrible New York Black Out in 2003 that killed all my gold fishes. We were out of electricity for two and a half days in steamy summer time and my fish tank couldn't take that either.

New York always surprise me in a weird way. Who would have thought that this thing would happen in New York.

Now I miss all the beautiful swimmers, the sound of small water fall created by water running through a filter and dancing air bubbles. So, I decided I'm going to do it again.

Last night, I dug up my old 10Gallon fish tank, cleaned it, set it up, and it will be ready for our new members after a few days, which now I'm letting the water running and be filtered before adding the fishes.

This time I decided to go with simple and clean decor, no more gravels for the gold fish. Gold fish is a big messy digger. They create a lot of waste, so having gravels for them is such a pain, especially when I want my water look clean and clear all the time.

With this kind of simple decor, it'll be more easier for me to keep the tank clean with less effort.

This is going to be great. The whole fish tank is really a mind meditation for me. I can't wait to pick up my gold fishes soon. No fishing here!

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