Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Gang of Gold.....Fish

Here comes my gang of gold. After a few days of setting up the tank, now it's completed. We picked them up at an aquarium store in Chinatown we usually buy pet fishes from.

Again, once I was there I was torn, I wanted to get as many of them as I can. All I can do is to Wish.

Theoretically my 10 gallon tank suits for one gold fish. One!!...'c mon everybody needs friends and the fish is no exception, they need friends I bought three of them. Forgive me fish-police. I'll take a good care of them for sure.

The gold one is Lionhead goldfish, the silver is Oranda goldfish, and the black is Black Moor goldfish.

I bought the baby goldfishes - about an inch long. I didn't want to buy the grown one. I enjoy raising and seeing them get bigger with my own eyes better.

Then when I thought I'd carefully chosen the good looking and healthy turned out I brought home an uneven eyes Black Moor - I totally need my eyes checked, too.

But then my husband said...well...actually it is good for it that we picked it up otherwise it might be discarded because of its eye, and I agree - besides its eye, it's totally healthy and very active, so I'm happy to have it anyway. It's kind of funny looking fish which is still enjoyable.

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Sam said...

They are cute! I really love your photos