Saturday, January 30, 2010

Small Living, Big Pleasure on Koh Pa-ngan

Kob & Kung's temporary house while their new house was building. Kob built it with his own hands.

We went visiting our best friends, Kob and Kung and Morgan, their only son, on Koh Pa-ngan, a beautiful island in the Gulf of Thailand .

Kung is our best friend since we were in the university. She is a real city girl who used to work in advertising as a graphic designer, loves fashion and is a beach goer, just like me.

The couple in front of their new house.

Kob is a handsome local guy who left his hometown to spend five years in England. They met each other on Koh Tao, a small island close to Koh Pa-gnan where Kung was taking a vacation - with me there. Kob just came back from England with a big charming in his smile.

The couple decided to live together, eventually. Kung left her fast and colorful life behind and headed to the South, hopped the ferry to the local guy's arms living in a coconut grove. The rest is history......What a novel!!

The twins

They spent a few years on Koh Tao running their small restaurant at Tanote Bay before deciding to move back and settle down on Koh Pa-ngan, Kob's hometown, here they run their small bakery and open the lovely house in coconut grove for beach-party goers to rent out.

They live on the left.

The right is for renting or for their guests to spend the time there.

I really have a respect toward their decisions to live their lives small and subtle when they can make it big had they wanted to. Even though Kung is now far way from her graphic design career, the sense of designer is still there and that she keeps it alive on her cakes and her house.

These chairs are so her

As it is a purpose of the house, it became our temporary house while we were there. The house also has its own kitchen, but we ended up running to her kitchen everyday. Oh yes, she is a heck of a cook, as we all know.

It was our house for a while

The two house is separated by a line of fine bamboo for some privacy.

Look out to a double thatch roofs pavilion by a small creek down below.

Lumyong, the water buffalo, also the family pet.

Kob made all of this by himself. They love spend the night out here watching all small and big fish they feed at night before going to bed. The water is very clear when it is rainy reason this small creek turns into a one fast moving river in a blast.

Morning coffee with Kung's chocolate cake....heavenly!!!

The coconut grove I love

The best place for day napping

The best way to get around town

Muek or Inky in English, the old funny dog.

Life is green and beautiful there. We'll be there some day.

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