Saturday, October 3, 2009

Flip-Flop Socks, Pain, but Proud

Finally!!...I made it!

I can crochet like a storm, but when it comes to knitting, I always fall into a dumb mode. Crocheting is more easier for me - just a single needle I can make my own crochet patterns and crochet what ever I want to.

Dealing with more than one needle is just wracking my brain out, not to mention reading the pattern!!....This is my first time reading the knitting pattern...IN ENGLISH....along with knitting with three needles. My Goodness!... They should really put pattern reading in ESL class too, I'm SERIOUS!

I went to yarn store, and saw this Patons, Socks in the City book, out of the blue, I wanted to knit socks - don't even know how to read patterns. It was these flip-flop socks that made me want to try.

three needles are my pain.

I ended up knitting in front of computer most of the times because I needed how-to tutorials from Youtube - thanks for those who makes them. I can finally get a grip on knitting.

becomes my proud.

No No!!....don't many times I had to do and undo it in order to get it going. After spinning my head around with all abbr. and with the helps from Youtube tutorials I can finally figure it out what it means and how to do it.

I later realized that, for those who already knows how to knit and read the pattern, this pattern is quite easy to follow.

When it is the first, there is always a second. I am getting more yarns in different colors. Bring it on babe!!

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