Friday, September 18, 2009

Fall for the Fingerless Gloves

Am I too slow to find out that these fingerless gloves are so comfy and practical when other people have been wearing them around for age? I think I am.

Well, I think it is not too late for me to start making them and wearing them as long as Fall is still falling.

After tying my brows with some skeptical for a while about how these fingerless gloves can keep my hands warm, I'm giving it a try this Fall. It turned out that they are really making my hands feel warm and comfy, and my fingers can still do their jobs.

Because they didn't sell to me before, so for me to be friend with them, they need to feel right. I played around crocheting, making the pattern, trying to find the right fit and most comfortable way for all my fingers can be moving freely in them.

I've found that besides a hold for the thumb, another hold for pinkie is more comfortable than to round all four fingers up together because the pinkie is small and naughty, she always wants to be free and tend to escape from others most of the times.

I am now so addicted to them.

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