Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Rebirth of Old J.crew

My husband's old J.crew boxers is now reborn.

I was really having fun making this boxers. It is my first pants I've ever made. Because I never make any kind of pants before, so I have to find the way to put them together, and that's what I LOvvvvee the most. It is fun, just like putting pieces of jigsaw together.

It was just a right time for me to try on making pants. This old J.crew boxers was saying good bye to Noom by gradually tearing itself up, still it didn't stop him from walking around the house in it with the side of the pants flying off.

So I made him to take it off this morning, and started to cut it all up. Now that feels so good *O*

I cut all the pieces and used them as a guide to make new patterns on the papers, since I don't know how to make pants patterns as well.

I decided to save the elastic band since it was still in good shape, and I didn't want to run out to buy it because, as I say, this is my first pants, first working with elastic, so lets not rick of buying it and not be able to use it as always.

I dug out one of my cotton fabric I bought three years ago for making pillow cases. It was a light weight and very soft 100% cotton.

I used just small strips for the pillow cases, and left a lot of fabric, so I tried to think of what else I can do with it. Today is the answer, and now my husband has a boxer that matches his pillows...HOw Cute!

Still, the fabric is left out quite enough. I started to think of making myself an easy Tank-top because the fabric is so soft and comfortable to sleep in actually, and that I'll have mine matching my pillow too.



Really fun and easy project. Now he's asking for more.

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