Friday, August 7, 2009

Dough in A Pot, Crochet Coin Purse

Here is my Dough Pot. They are the new items for my shop, the coin pouch, I call them the Dough Pot because, obviously, they look like tiny pots.

I always go nuts when I see cute little coin pouch. I have to have it! There is something about kiss clasps that makes me want to have it. I am kind of enjoy the feeling of twisting the clasps open with the fingers and then snap them close with a little snap sound. I can do that all day....Help!

This crochet coin pouch reminds me of my first "Purse" when I was four. It was a tiny, red, kiss clasp crochet pouch my aunt gave me on my first day going to school with two coins inside.

I didn't know what to expect at the school, but that little purse made me feel like a grown-up who has the important thing to do, only later to cry my eyes out knowing that I had to spend the whole day with a bunch of the other crying machines.

The next day I refused to go to school. School is not fun at all. My aunt said that she was going to take back the "Purse" if I didn't go to school because there is no need to carry the purse at home, and that's even worst than spending the whole day with the mucus and tear. So, I went back to school with my purse in my hand.

As times go by, they become my object of collecting. I have quite a bit of them, and quite often, they become lovely gifts for my friends and family members.


Pimporn said...


suesueb said...

i love the purses-didn't know they were called kiss closures either! maybe i wouldn't have cried at school (for weeks) if i'd had a purse like this too!!

Nancy said...

this is a great looking purse. Is the pattern available anywhere??

JessieDeMessie said...

Are the bottoms rounded like a hat?
i realy want to know how to make this purse, please do make a pattern.

JessieDeMessie said...

Hi, this is an adorable purse i remeber having one too.
i realy want to know how to make them are they like a rounded hat top?
Or a regular flat purse on a round clasp?
Thannks, JDM x

pui, ปุย said...

Hi Jessie, Nancy,

Thank you very much for stopping by.

I made my own pattern for this purse, and haven't made it available anywhere else - I don't really know how to write a proper pattern.

If you know how to crochet a cylinder shape, you can make this purse.

It starts with a flat bottom - gradually increase until it's 1/4 inch smaller than the clasp frame then stop increase, and keep crocheting in round, it'll automatically form the cylinder shape.

Keep crocheting until it reaches the high you want, finish it off, and construct with the frame.

I hope this might help, at least.

Paey Wasso said...

Your little purse inspired me a lot
Now I'm trying my own one , haha , my version

chocolategirl64 said...

I'm making something very similar but can't work out how to line my purse!
can you tell me what shape you cut the lining to?
any tips would be fabulous thank you:

Lisa said...

This is an adorable coin purse! I just started crocheting and your purse has inspired me for my next project. It's the cutest coin purse of this kind that i've seen. Thank you for posting how to make it. Between your response and some online tutorials, I think I've got the gist in how to make one of these.

Anonymous said...

I love your coin purse and would really like to try to make one, I know you said you're not good at making a pattern, but I bet you can do it. You're very creative. Could you at least tell me the BRAND and WEIGHT of the Mercerized Cotton you used? Thanks so much!

pui, ปุย said...

I use the Aunt Lydia's thread No. 3

Jennepher Rincon said...

i love it i love it

i know u said you used I use the Aunt Lydia's thread No. 3 but is that cotton?

Anonymous said...

Hi, Could you tell me what type of stitch is this?
I'm in love with these coin purses :)

pui, ปุย said...

Hi, Jennepher Rincon

It is mercerized cotton.

pui, ปุย said...

It use the basic single crochet stitches.

melancholic eventide said...

So cute!! How did you managed to attach the crochet with the metal clasp?

pui, ปุย said...

I used strong fabric glue that can be applied to metal.