Friday, July 3, 2009

Summer Lavender, Mom's Soaps

Another batch of exfoliating lavender bars. This batch is for my mom. She doesn't know yet that she will be flooded with bubbles showering with these soaps. There is an army of bubble-making oils in it.

This batch is quite heavy in dried lavender buds because mom is also a big fan of exfoliating.

Just like me, mom loves oh-so bubble kind of soap, she says it gives a very clean feeling, and that because of the weather in Thailand is so so hot and humid and sticky all day long.

Believe me you will sweat as soon as you finish showering and step out of the bathroom, if the bathroom isn't in the air-conditioned room.

At our house, we have an outside bathing area surrounded by trees perfect for a steamy hot day. Mom and I mostly spend the day wearing sarong up to the chest bathing and gardening and bathing all day.

A dog days bathing with mom, Thailand

The bathrooms inside the house are just for a quick bath when we don't have time to linger on bathing. Our land is covered with white sands, surrounded by some coconut trees, taking a bath outside is feeling like spending the day on the beach, the only thing missing is the ocean. I can't wait to go back and take an outside bathing under the trees again. It's totally refreshing.

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