Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Turmeric Soaps

Turmeric Soaps

If you want to know what kind of herbs is good for your body, you need to talk to my mother in law. She is a big fan of taking care of health and body in organic way.

Last week my husband was on the phone with her, and so we know that we need to eat and use a lot more of turmeric. She is now filling her own tiny capsules with turmeric powder and take them every day. Do you know that turmeric is a cancer fighting herb as well.
Turmeric Powder

Besides for cooking, turmeric is also known for carrying a lot of good benefits to our skin. It is used as an antibacterial agent. Most South Asian women learn to use turmeric on their skin from their mothers. Since we already eat them, now we are going to shower with them.

In summer, when the weather get too hot, my husband have some break-out on his back, and I've been promising him that I'm going to make turmeric soaps for that. Now he got it. I made a 40 oz. batch of turmeric soap, scented with Frankincense fragrant oil.

I put a lot of turmeric powder into it, as you can see those tiny red spots in the soaps, added some fun with tiny almond soap balls which also smells really yum.
With Almond soap balls

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