Tuesday, May 19, 2009

An Old Day Inspired

Finally!...she's coming to town. She's been in my sketch book for quite sometime. I remember when I was four year old, I used to play with my aunt's old clothes and all of her accessories. Her closets were always filled with a lot of beautiful stuffs. When the Sun got too hot to play outside, she would allow me to get lost in her closets.

Until these day, I still remember one of her lovely evening purse I love so much. It was a very lovely crochet purse in ivory color, with the purple lining, embellished with tiny gemstones. The shape of the purse is still vivid in my mind. Since I now know how to crochet, I really want to make one just like that. The only thing I have in mind is the shape of it. That is it, I know I have to play around with crocheting again

last night, I strangled myself trying to get the right stitches for the right shape I wanted. These process is a perfect way to test my patient. Do it then undo it, then redo it and undo it- pain pain pain. Sometimes I need to leave it in a corner for two or three days with out looking at it at all when I get crazy, and my fingers get cramped. But, hey, I am not going to complain (that much) about it, I know my pain will be rewarded, I can sense it now.

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