Thursday, April 9, 2009

Twisted Eight, The Inspiration

I remember when I first saw the pictures of Twisted Eight Wanyi and Roger had sent to my husband for making Mizzonk web site, I was wowed. These thing are fantastic! I love them. Wanyi makes great ceramic artworks and these are one of my favorite. When they said they were coming to NYIGF I couldn't wait to talk to her about them. After the show she gave me these artworks as a gift, I was blown away. Really??

I really like their free forms. I can spend great hour and hour to just look at them, change their positions, rearrange it again and again. It is something there that captures my mind when I look at them. Today they made me take photos of them. I know they can also be great photographs on my wall, or a PAINTING?.....yeah!...white on white is on my painting list, too.....*0*

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