Friday, April 3, 2009

I Got Puppies

Last week I got a package sent by my lovely cousin, Sam, living in Chicago. It was a Japanese Amigurumi book featuring a lot of cute Amigurumi dolls. I couldn't help to do a little dance when I saw the book. Even though I have been using Amigurumi technique to do some other things, I have never really tempted to make dolls with this technique. I just feel that there are a lot of super cute amigurumi dolls out there for me to enjoy by just looking at them and that is enough - no need to make it myself. But, when I got this book I wanted to give it a try because of these two cutie pups.

I can't read Japanese, so I don't really know what kind of dog they are, my guess is one is the Beagle, one of my favorites and another one is Chihuahua. I didn't even know the size of them, I dug out some of leftover yarns and got started. Can't believe it!!...I am now falling in love with them. Their tiny size makes them super cute and I'm going to make a gang of them.

My husband knows so well how bad I wanted to have a dog, but we can't afford it as long as we are still living in this apartment, and I already made peace with that, so I think I have to walk these two instead.

Oh!...last night, my husband accidentally sat on them while he was watching TV. Their heads were flatted like pancakes. Any vets here?


Paul Pincus said...

omg! love them : )

Sara Christine said...

Ahaha! TOO CUTE!! These made my day. :)

Eatable Joys said...

Aww.... You are one amazing crafter. They are so adorable. I'm glas you like the book. xoxo

Eatable Joys said...

You're one amazing crafter. They're so cute!!! xoxo