Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Arse LoveR, my eco-friendly cushions

Cottonelle is saying, Be kind to your behind . As a former copywriter, I like just this line, and I'm going to be kind to my BEHIND with my eco-friendly cushions.

Last week we cleaned up our messy, small room which has been piling the wall up with boxed and boxed of document papers my husband's been collecting for all his years,since he was in Pratt - plus my stuffs - fabrics, yarns, poly-fill, books, tote bags, hats and so on keeps growing quietly in that room.

Finally!...."you guys need walls of shelves" Roger, our friend , said the last time they, Roger and Wanyi, BA in Architecture and MFA in ceramics/sculpture, co-founder of Mizzonk , came for their show at icff2008. Every time they come to New York for the shows and live with us sometimes, they always give us great ideas about the working space since Roger created an awesome working space for their working studio in Maple Ridge, Canada.

He sent us sketches of what he thinks we could do, Oh mind!!, wall and wall of shelfs, so we designed to clean things up and see how much things that we really need to keep before putting up the shelves.

We ended up with a BIG pile of bags and bags of shredded papers. I sat on one of them then the line form
Cottonelle popped up in my brain Be kind to your behind
YEAH!!!....we need new floor cushions, since the old one are so tired of our BEHINDs already. I dived into the fabric bag and came up with a piece of dark, olive green heavyweight cotton which I planed to make monk bags out of it, but, hey!!...my behind is in need to be taken care of.

And here they are my eco-friendly cushions stuffed with "SHREDDED PAPER" *0* Absolutely waste no papers! Like poly-fill or kapok, they are puff at first then will finally collapse to the level of firmness. They give the same feeling of bean bags at first sit with the crunchy sound, collapse like poli-fill, eventually come to the firmness, and are heavy like mattress.

We have to keep sitting on them to see how well these shredded papers can take care of my behind before making a move to the next level.

My husband hates shredding papers. This project will keep him helps me shred more papers because to stuff a cushion with shredded paper we need tons of papers to shred, but, this problem will be taken care of, we receive junk papers everyday - just keep shredding and reuse them. Now, I can feel my skin gets a little green when I sit on it, and my BEHIND is kindly taken care of :)

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