Saturday, May 10, 2008

Pui Coasters, A touch of the Andaman Sea.

I grew up in Chumporn province, a small, relaxed seaside town in the South of Thailand. I spent most of my summer breaks from school at beach houses along the Gulf of Thailand Sea and the Andaman Sea. The charms of the ocean has never left my eyes. I am always fascinated by the colors from the ocean. They are rich and saturated. They always inspire me to keep going, playing, living with colors, and that is what I love most.

These collection of Pui Coaster is a combination of my love of crafts and arts. I love the delicate touch of laces. The pictures of beach houses by the beautiful beaches decorated with white doilies and beautiful vases of tropical flowers are still in my mind. They are another piece of my art work only that they are not on the canvas and are not made by painting brushes.

I make them available for everybody who enjoy living with art and design at my shop on Etsy.

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Dorith said...

You actually made these?! I think tey are incredibly beautiful!! Love the bright colours, the blue and the pink one!!
Grtz Dorith Wielinga